8 year old Bourbon Whiskey 
90 Proof

At first glance I think I knew what I was getting myself into with Buck. A 90 Proof bourbon whiskey with a cowboy riding on a bucking bronco on the label and little paper hand wrapped around the neck to signify, in some sort of backwoods, hillbilly way, that Buck is a “hand crafted” bourbon from real hard working, whiskey drinking Cowboys. Well, I’m thinking this whiskey might have some real potential! Wrong

The first smell is incredibly strong even for 90 proof whiskey. Like the smell of old gasoline in the tank of a Harley that sat all winter long in a danky garage.  After that first sniff I was just not too so sure that this was a good idea. 

Buck prides itself on being aged for eight year. Whatever that eight years ageing did for this whiskey wasn’t good. At first taste I feel that Buck is trying its best to tear my balls out through my throat. 

Way too much edge to drink straight. I gave it a couple cubes to see if it will mellow out and it did. With the ice I can actually taste the flavor of the barrel and at first, not bad. 

By the way, Not all whiskeys were meant to be drank straight. And aged single malt scotch for instance, will explode with flavor by just adding a drop or two of water. Buck requires a little bit more than a drop or two,  but for the price, should I really complain?!? 

The day after was pretty brutal to say the least.  After the ice mellowed it out a bit I started to acquire a taste but with its high-octane proof, and not much in me food  (just half a bag of pretzels) left me feeling miserable just after two drinks.  I have never been one to give up that easily. So I gave Buck another go the following day. This time I started with a real dinner and some ice. It all started out pretty OK.  After just two drinks I was done.  I woke up the next morning feeling like a ass. Brutal  Acid reflux and completely hangover.  My assessment: I’m moving on. 


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