Eagles Rare

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
90 Proof

A friend of mine a couple years ago turned me onto a bottle of Eagle  Rare and I’ve been a fan ever since. 
The nose is strong but certainly not overwhelming. Rich in caramel but it very clean.
A bit strong at first but it immediately settles down into a  slightly caramel flavor that warms the body and soul. 
Like most bourbons I can feel that if I hit this bottle hard I’m gonna be in for a world of hurt tomorrow morning but with Eagle Rare, fuck it,  I’m in !
I was right about the morning. I felt a bit beat up but not completely defeated!
That third drink was worth it all

Eagles Rare is a Fantastic bourbon so enjoy. 

(Here comes the caveat)
Since writing this review, the people have caught on to how good Eagle Rare is and the price has jumped up to $49. WTF!!


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