Double Barrel Irish whiskey
84 proof 

This bottle was brought to me by a friend of mine on our annual “White Trash Weekend” of car camping in Lake George NY. As you can see we put a bit of a beating on this whiskey the night before. After only a few shots at the campsite, I’d had enough. The remainder ended up in our cooler and the rest is history. 

At first taste,  this is a pretty rough whiskey to drink neat, but with a couple of cubes it started to mellow out. They call it “Double Barrel” because its aged in both Bourbon and Cherry oak casks. Believe me, the double barrel didn’t help this whiskey out one bit
Glendalough finishes like gasoline. Harsh going down and even a harsher finish. Can’t wait to see what it does to my gut in the morning. Not that this Or any other warning signs would have stop us from crushing this bottle. 

The following morning was not too bad. Just a bit beat up and glassy eyed. 


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