Knob Creek

Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 
100 proof

Up to this day I’ve drank quite a few bottles of knob Creek bourbon. (smooth but just a little too sweet for me). When I saw this bottle of knob Creek Rye and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

This bottle smells like a good whiskey should. Strong but not overbearing. Flavorful and rich. I can smell the oak. I can almost taste chocolate,  but not quite. 
It’s funny, I never really got into ryes whiskeys. But this Knob Creek is pretty awesome.  Not sweet like it’s bourbon brother but rather smooth and very tasty. I might have to reconsider rye whiskey’s for a nice little change up more often.
These first two fingers we’re pretty amazing just straight. I wonder how it would taste with a bit of ice for my second round? (A rhetorical I know;-) The ice made a very real difference. The true flavor start to emerge. I can really taste the rye and oak. Very interesting

The day after was I was right as rain. Can not complain! All in all this is a fantastic whiskey. It really peaked my interest in Rye. 


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