Monkey Shoulder

Blended Scotch Whiskey
80 proof 

At first taste, Monkey  Shoulder is closer to a $40-50 a bottle range. With a strong and rich aroma of vanilla this is a smooth scotch. A mellow peaty flavor warms the insides and brings a good smile to my face
I personally like my scotch served neat. A friend showed me years ago that if you want to truly bring out the flavor of scotch with out ice just simply wash out your glass and leave just a tiny bit of residue of water inside. The water somehow opens up the scotch for a much richer flavor and nose. This whiskey give me a fantastic warm and mellow feeling
The following day hangover was mellow and completely uneventful. ( just the way I like it;-)
Smooth and warming Monkey Shoulder is a great buy for the money


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