Tin Cup

American Whiskey 
84 Proof

An American whiskey ? That’s the name that Tin Cup goes by. Distilled in Colorado this is neither a Bourbon nor a Rye but a simple blend of the two. The best part of this bottle is thath it comes with its own shot glass made of tin (Hence the name). Im sorry to say that this will not make up for this whiskeys short comings.

On first taste I found Tin Cup to be slightly sweet like a bourbon Sour Mash with a strong grain alcohol finish. Not good. Describing Tin Cup in a word might be Harsh. To put it mildly, this whisky is rough from just about any angle. Ice might be the only way to go with this one.
Burning its way through my stomach like Alien ready to spawn, the finish was way too rough even for 84 proof.

The next day was quite brutal.  Like being run over by a heard of pissed off cattle. Tin Cup can and will Jack you up and not in a good way 


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