Tullamore Dew

Irish whiskey 
80 Proof

Tullamore Dew, to me, has always been  a “Drinking Mans” Irish Whiskey. It’s the whiskey that starts fights and causes sorosis. At first sip, This whiskey has got a very strong bite. Pure burn all the way down. Some Ice is needed here!
After a minute or two on ice it mellowed out some, but not enough. The gut is on fire!
The next day however I was destroyed. Acid reflux and a headache that nothing could cure. 
I think I could have heard my own pulse beating my brain into a gooey pulp. Be forwarded, Tullamore Dew can be dangerous the following morning.
Some whiskeys were ment to be enjoyed straight, some better as a shot and some just for mixing. Tullamore Dew is definitely not a sipping whiskey but in an Irish Coffee its a go. As for me, its time to move on


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