Scotch Whiskey 
80 Proof 

One of my favorite things about scotch is the flavor of pete. It’s the smoke used to char the barrels in the process of distilling. I’ve noticed that whiskies from the highlands of Scotland tend to be less smoky than whiskey from the Islay. In any case, finding an affordable bottle of a good Pety scotch that won’t make you go blind is typically an impossible act to accomplish.
Not today! With its strong nose, Finlaggan has a beautifully peaty flavor with a smooth finish.
Tasty as well as affordable it’s a fantastic find. It’s not top shelf but for this price, if you like an affordable peaty scotch, Finlaggan Its certainly worth a try.

No news to me is good news to report, the morning aftermath was totally livable. Slight glassy eyed but non worse than where



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