Irish Whiskey
80 Proof
$32 Liter

What can you say about Powers that most people who enjoy Irish whiskey would already know. Some whiskeys were meant to be drank neat, some with ice, and some just straight from the bottle.
Powers is a true drinking mans whiskey. Its a whiskey that will make a normally quite guy into you best friend. Pressing half and inch from your nose screaming “I Love You Man”
The nose of Powers neat, will immediately tell you, you’re gonna be in for a ride tonight for sure.
The first sip is a brutal at first but soon begins to smooth out to a nice caramel finish. Sounds great so far.
Neat is certainly a bit rough but with some Ice,taking the rough edge off, making it a lot easier to drink straight or in a shot. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!
For the price its a great deal as long as you have little to responsibility’s in the morning, which , for me, I was completely destroyed till well after noon. All I can say is to remember to drink plenty of water before you get to bed.

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