Black Bush

Irish Whiskey 
80 Proof

Black Bush is certainly a step up from its haggard old home wrecker, Bushmill. 
With a Carmel nose and aged in Cherry Oak cask, Black Bush starts off on a good foot till that inevitable first sip. Here it comes
Black Bush neat, is rough going down. Burning it’s way from my tung to tonsils to stomach to anus. I’m thinking ice would be nice, and it is! A couple of cubes took the edge right off and opened up all the flavors of the Cherry oak cask. Way smoother and certainly more enjoyable. But somehow I feel that this whiskey is leaving me wanting. Not for more Black Bush, (Please no more) but for something a bit more interesting and complex. 

The morning after I was feeling a bit foggy but all in all just fine. In a nutshell, Black Bush is an ok whiskey but will never be my “Go To”. Black Bush is just not that interesting. 

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