Clyde May’s

Bourbon Whiskey 
92 Proof 

Here we go again! An over proofed sour mash named after a former Alabama bootlegger, Clyde May. 
According to the bottle, Mr. Mays got his start as a bootlegger in the 1940’s. He spent some time in prison for his crimes, and then, on his release, got right back into the bootlegging game. As I’m sipping this whiskey, I can imagine what the copper kettles sounded like in the middle of a forest.  Gently steaming away, as a fresh batch of rock gut is being poorer into ceramic jugs and sold to the hardest of hard core drunks in the driest county’s of Alabama. Can you hear it!?! The Banjo playing the theme from Deliverance? I’m sitting here and wondering if the whiskey drinking world be better off if Clyde May never made out of prison? Who knows, but I’m betting that there would be a lot less blind people in Alabama.

That first sip, at 92 proof, was brutal to say the least. Like ignited gasoline being poured down my throat, burning its way through my chest cavity, brutal. 
The aroma has a slight hint of caramel but is immediately over powered by the high grain alcohol content.
With the burning sensation in my gut, I feel that this whiskey is about as close to moonshine as it could get. So be forwarded, straight from the bottle, neat, Clyde Mays is almost completely undrinkable. With a few ice cubes to mellow it out just a bit, I can begin to taste the sour mash. Not too bad but still, not smooth either.

Now, to be honest, I really should know better when it come to 92 proof whiskeys. Clyde May is rough, like going down a cobblestone road on a ridged mountain bike with two flat tires, rough, but I have had worse, I think? Ill have to see what the morning brings.

The morning after I was destroyed. A complete sound sensitive hangover that lasted to the middle of the day. No ride for me today, Fuck!

I think I might’ve come to the point where I found a bottle of whiskey that I really don’t want to finish. So to all my friends and reader, if your looking for a mandatory gift that you need to give to that shit head boss of yours… Here it is!


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