Fistful of Bourbon

Bourbon (ya, like no shit)
90 Proof

The nose of Fistful of Bourbon was a bit strange at first. I can smell that sweet sour mash base with just a slight hint of… WTF, Body Odor!?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
I do not know what it is but , to me , it smells just like BO!
Not just normal body odor mind you. It’s the BO that catches you completely off guard. Like when you get into subway just after the New York City marathon let’s out, that kind of stank. 
The only good new is there’s only just the slightest of a hint of it…. but that really could be more than enough for me to stay clear.

Now, to be honest, I’m actually a bit frightened to take that first sip. Seriously the stank is really killing me! OK, Fuck it, here we go…

I find, that at first taste, FOB is very reminiscent of Knob Creek  with its sweet corn sour mash, high proof hit in the face with just a hint of BO. Oh, COME ON!!! WTF
To be honest, this whiskeys has got some real potential. But that potential can only get me so far. 
I’m gonna a let it air out for a minute or two then give it another go. 

(10 minutes later…)

Either the stank went away or I’ve gone nose blind, either way, I’ll call that a win.
For a 90 proof Bourbon, FOB is quite smooth. The Air Time seemed to help. The initial stench of ass has gone away and the bourbon has really started to open up. It’s definitely more palatable.
Ice certainly helped to quite down the stank and smoothed out its 90 proof hit in the gut.
The next morning was a bit hazy and the only reason that I was not completely ruined is due to the face that “lovely” stench of BO kept me away from a second drink. I guess that proves there is a reason for everything. 

All in all, Once you get past that “Ode to Armpit”, adding some ice and letting the whiskey air, Fistful of Bourbon is not a bad choice. Whatever’s your pleasure, but at this price point, I thing I would rather go with a good old Knob Creek


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