Five & 20 Spirts

90 Proof 

The nose of Five and 20 was burning strong and not in a good way. Strong and over proofed, I can tell that this sour mash what going to rough.
At first sip neat, Five and 20 was like kerosene. Very strong with a strange and undiscribable finish. Almost like grain alcohol and turpentine. Ice to the rescue!
After my secong drink I can fel the warmth coming over my body, I just can’t get past the finish. WFT is up with that?!?
The next day I was feeling fine, at least until I got on my bike for a cold and snowy ride on Ninham. That was when I new that Five and 20 was really trying its best to put a hurting on me. I survived the ride and the hangover ready to ride on the next day


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