Irish Whiskey 
80 Proof

The first thing that comes to mind with Jameson is “Benchmark “This is the Irish whiskey that you can compare all other Irish Whiskeys to. My personal “go to whiskey” when the bar has a limited selection. 
Jameson always comes off to me as being smooth and very palatable. Or should I say predictable. For the longest time Ive been looking to try different and unique whiskeys. Whiskeys that I have never tried or even heard about before. That being said I never considered Jameson since it’s such a standard, but I would be doing myself and this blog an injustice by not reviewing Jameson. This is a very well rounded whiskey. Smooth from the first sip to it’s enjoyable Finish.  Not peaty or overly proofed. All things considered this is a very good overall whiskey. 
The head is quite nice but I can feel that if I mixes a couple of fingers of Jameson with some beer, it could get ugly! 

The next morning, not bad at all. Now, granted there were no beers involved last night, I was fine and ready to ride. 

I’m looking forward to trying their beer cask whiskey‘s including an  IPA and a stout cask. 

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