Jane Walker

10 years Blended Scotch Whiskey 
84 Proof 
$34 (on Sale)

For years now, I have been lucky enough to attended the Single Malt Society annual whiskey tasting. Held in September on a small cruse ship leaving Chelsea Piers NYC its a marvelous experience to say the least. A gourmet buffet, hand rolled cigars and over 70 different flavors of whiskey to try. Awesome!
That being said, I have had the opportunity to try, what I thought to have been, the Johnny Walker line. From Red to Green to Gold to Platinum. Personally, when it comes to Johnny I prefer the Black label. For the money, it’s really the best bang for the buck. Till now. Till Jane Walker!

A 10 year old aged blended scotch whiskey. With a beautiful aroma and color this is a flavorful whiskey to say trade least. Neat, its as smooth as you can get.  With a slight fruity taste and a nice hint of peat, from first sip to a warm finish, this is a good whiskey. 

Now I know I bought this whiskey on sale. That being said, this should be a well over a $40 bottle whiskey. But if you see Jane Walker on sale, I recommend you pick yourself up a bottle For yourself and enjoy. 

The morning after I felt fine and dandy, truly a good sign of a good whiskey


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