Roe & Co

Irish Whiskey 
90 Proof 

Made in Dublin, this 90 proof Irish whiskey comes off with a strong nose but at first sip Roe & Co., (which was as smooth as glass), made me feel like I might have something really interesting here. Just a hint of caramel flavor this Irish whiskey practically drinks itself. The finish is a little strange to say the least probably due to it’s 90 proof octane. I feel like I’m tasting just a little too much grain alcohol in the finish. 

Aged in a bourbon cask certainly helps in the smoothness of this whiskey. All in all, this is a kind of interesting whiskey. On ice the flavors of the bourbon cask really comes out 

The morning after was a little bit rough. After only two drinks I was having a harder time getting out of bed than normal, but very survivable.


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