The Dead Rabbit

5 year old Irish Whiskey 
88 Proof 

You know that movie, “The Gangs of New York”? The Natives Vs. The Dead Rabbits gang!?! Daniel Day Lewis plays the Butcher head of the ”Natives” and Leonardo DiCaprio is Amsterdam from “The Dead Rabbit“…… 
Spoiler alert: 
They hate each other, 
They sort of like each other, 
They really Hate each other! 
They KILL each other, 
The End. 

In homage to the film comes a cocktail bar in the NYC properly named the Dead Rabbit. And from that bar comes this whiskey. 
To be honest I was expecting it to be more like Rock Gut! New  distillery, new barrels, just getting it all together, etc. 
I was happily surprised to find this whiskey to be a very well rounded, flavorful Irish Whiskey! 
The nose is soft almost flowery, but not too much. 
The first sip is very smooth with a surprisingly mellow finish. No ice needed here, we’re going neat all the way!
Aged five years in virgin Oak cask gives this Dead Rabbit a whole new meaning of life. 
When this whiskey catches on it’ll be selling for a lot more than $33 a bottle! Im gonna pick up another while it’s still cheep. 
As for the bar, “The Dead Rabbit”, as soon as this fucking pandemic is over,  My plan is to get down to the city for two fingers of Dead Rabbit at the Dead Rabbit!
The morning after I felt fantastic. Infact, I slept like a log. Warm and comfortable. 


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