12 year old Blended Scotch 
80 Proof 

I’m in my local liquor store looking for a bottle of wine to bring home for dinner. I just couldn’t help myself from checking out what’s available in that $30-40 a bottle range when I came across Imperial. A 12-year-old Scotch Whiskey for under $50. In fact, way under $50. $22 to be exact. 

I know that so many things can go wrong. Should I go for it? Do I dare? Why the fuck not?!?

So here goes nothing….

The nose has a strong yet not overwhelming sent of peat with a hint of oak. Reminiscent of Johnny Walker Black
The first taste is smooth and warming with a moderate peaty finish that can only be attributed to a fine scotch. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. The next question answered will be simple one. No ice needed here! Neat all the way. 

The finish was incredibly smooth even for a inexpensive whiskey. What a nice surprise. On the bottle it says ”Product of Scotland bottled in Kentucky” I guesss to save money on shipping they must send over casks of Imperial to the states to be bottled. Pretty hokie but its keeping the cost down so I’m not complaining. This is how a 12 year old scotch whiskey can sell for only $22. 

The morning after, I am unfortunate to report, was brutal. Granted, I did have wine with my dinner and as the old adage goes “ never mix the grapes with the grains”. I should have been looking at a pretty rough hangover but this one was a bit brutal. A sound sensitive hangover was pounding my brain into a gelatinous gray mass, brutal. I’m not one to give up on this whiskey this easily. Ill have to give Imperial one more go, just to make sure…

On my second day of enjoying Imperial I was completely fine and very satisfied. No wine = No real issues to report. Up and ready to roll…
All and all, this a pretty decent scotch at any price, but for $22 a bottle its an amazing deal! I wont be surprised at all when Imperial catches on and the price will jump to around the $40 a bottle range. So get it while the getting are good!


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