Jameson Stout Edition

Irish Whiskey 
80 Proof 
$43 Liter

It would seem that anybody was ever enjoyed Irish whiskey as experienced Jamison at one point or another. Jameson is really fantastic whiskey when you’re going out to your local watering hole where the picking are slim, . And then you spot it the beautiful green bottle of Jamison Irish whiskey with your happy name written all over it. In recent years Jamison has come up several different new ideas including an IPA and a stout edition. These whiskeys have been aged in craft beer barrels. 

Friends have been raving these whiskeys for the last several years.  The strangest thing is that I’ve been walking past these bottles for about a year now because I can only find them in 1 L bottles Pushing the price above my $40 limit. I was completely in the mood for an Irish whiskey but I’ve already tried all their $30-40 bottle inventory. I caved, it’s time to give this Jameson Stout Edition a go.
The nose is completely different than what I would ever expect from an Irish whiskey. No pete at all. Just the smell of the grain with just a hint of something else.
At first taste it was just like I would expect the Jamison to be. Smooth from the start. The finish kind of caught me off guard. I am mediately taste the stout cask. That chocolate taste you get when shrinking a Guinness.

Ice always goes good with Jamison, at least for me. It’s moves out whatever minor rough edges there might be and helps to bring out the flavor. With a couple cubes the finish comes off with even more chocolate. It’s kind of interesting. 

I guess you can say for $43 1L bottle this is a good awesome for the buck. 

If you’re looking for something different then I would recommend the Jamison Stout Edition for an interesting change.

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