12 year old Scotch Whiskey 
80 Proof 

All I can say about this bottle is wow! Scotch is one of my all-time favorite sipping whiskey. The only problem is is how expensive it has become in the last several years.  Finding a bottle of aged scotch for under $50 is a rarity and it will  typically taste like ass.  But not Alberfeld. Frankly speaking, this is a good whiskey. Smooth and flavorful with a nice amount of peat but not too smoky.  Reminiscent of Glenlevit 12 
Great after a long days work when all you wanna do is relax on the couch and zone out to the TV. 
No ice! Neat is certainly the way you want to go with single malts. A drop of water(and I do mean a drop) will go a long way with any scotch.  It does something to the whiskey that really opens up its true flavor. Albertfeldy is really a great find and a fantastic whiskey! Worth way more than $38. Get it now before it catches on!

The morning after was just a bit grainy. A little glassy eyed but really not bad at all


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