5 Years Aged Irish Whiskey 
84 Proof 

I realize these reviews are for whiskeys between $30-$40 a bottle but when I saw this five-year-old Irish whiskey for only $28! I just had to give it a go.
Hoping for the best, expecting the worst,  so here we go…

At first taste I was happily surprised that this was a good sipping whiskey. To be honest I was expecting it to be rock gut. I am happy to say that I was wrong! With a slight vanilla flavor and a finish that could only come from an aging in a bourbon casks, this is a fantastic whiskey. 
The finish BTW is way better on the rocks but I’m not complaining. 
Made in Belfast Norther Ireland by J&J McConnell, really killed it with this batch. Not a very complex flavor but clean and tasty. Is it a 15 year old Red Breast/ No but for the money, McConnell’s is just an awesome deal. 
No real issue to repot on the  morning after but let’s just say I never made my 9am Mountain Ride. 


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