Bib & Tucker

6 years aged Bourbon
92 Proof 
$40(on sale)

Like the sweet bit of ginger between pieces of sushi, after that bottle of Clyde Mays (which, BTW, is still half full and going nowhere anytime soon) I really needed to cleanse the pallet. Bib & Tucker is the best way I know how. 
Even at 92 proof, with its dark and rich color and caramel flavor, this is straight up a great bourbon. 
From the first sip to the finish I like this whiskey. 
Neat, No Ice, is certainly the way to enjoy this whiskey. 
There just not enough o’s in Smooooth to describe the finish of  Bib & Tucker. I am warmed from the inside out. This is exactly how a good bourbon should feel. Awesome! 
Now typically, B&T is around $45 a bottle. I know that my posts we’re suppose to be about whiskeys between $30-$40 per bottle but I saw this bottle on sale and just couldn’t pass it up! 
The next morning I was just fine. Bright eye, bushy tailed and ready to ride! How cool is this!!!


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