Bourbon Whiskey 
86 Proof 

Technically, being made in Colorado, Breckenridge should not be calling itself a Bourbon. Bourbon can really be made in Kentucky and Kentucky ONLY. What’s Breckenridge then? Its an oak barrel aged, heavy corn based, sour mash whisky. Sweet from the first sip. With It’s 86 proof octane, gives it a kick on the way down, but to be expected. I’m betting that a little bit of ice will go along way. Oh and it does. 
It has a strong yet sweet nose of sour mash with just a subtle hint of white oak, not bad!
I can expect that the high sugar content and it’s 86 proof, has all the makings for a brutal hangover. We shall see…
The morning after was pretty rough but not too horrible. It’s probably a personal thing but when I find there’s too much sugar I always feel like my head was run over by a semi.  I’m kind of caught in a quandary with Breckenridge.  it’s not a “Rock Gut” but at $40 a bottle, it’s certainly not a good “Bang for a buck”. Frankly speaking, for the money, I can do a lot better. I’m not exactly sure how to rate this one but I can tell you for certain that I’ll be moving on from Breckenridge.


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